The goal of working together is to turn your marketing from an expense into an investment and use it to drive sales in store (not just drive traffic) to do this we have a blueprint we follow to get consistent results every time.

No doubt you have questions about how it all works. So we have popped some information about our process to build you an online marketing machine.


Step One: Discovery

The first step on our journey together is getting to know your unique business we do this by starting out with a “10 Minute Retail Marketing Efficiency Audit” to find out how your current marketing is going, where you are leaving money on the table. During the audit we will identified what number one thing that is stopping you from crushing it with your marketing and give you three strategies you can implement to fix this, quickly, and get the results you crave.

Step Two: The Plan

Once we have a clear idea of where you are and where you want to go we build a plan to get you there. Think of this like a map to get you to your final destination. We do this by identifying combining your marketing objectives and looking for any potential road blocks and making a plan to fix them. This might include your website, marketing channels, messaging, social media strategy, or point of sale promotions.

Step Three: The Technology

This is where we implement any changes outlined in the plan and you can see the strategy start to come to life. We make sure you have a website that converts and the appropriate online tools to clone your ideal customer and drive more people like them in store so you start to grow retail sales and profits.

Step Four: The Marketing

Once you have the technology in place to convert marketing leads into paying customers its time to turn on targeted marketing with a sexy message that drives them to take action. We use the channels and methods outlined in the plan to get in front of the right audience, at the right time, with the right message and drive them in store to buy.

Step Five: Report

Each month we will send you all of the important figures so you can see that your marketing is working so you can. How many people saw your ad, clicked on it, commented, liked or share it with their friends. How many people read your marketing material. How many people inquired via email or contact from on the website.

Step Six: Improve

Unless you convert 100% of the people who see your marketing into paying customers, there are always refinements and new iterations that can be tried to improve results. Unlike other businesses we don’t just build websites and traffic, we build businesses.  As your marketing partner we offer done for you services and advice to keep your strategy relevant and the customers rolling in.

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