Use your website to drive in store sales

Websites are a marketing tool, so it is important to set them up so they can function as just that.

The trouble is, most business owners do not understand how they work and how to use them effectively to drum up new and repeat business. So they pick a theme that looks pretty, put them up, have no idea how to use them or change them, so  they it just sits there, collecting pixel dust as the tumbleweeds blow past.


Why having a website is no longer enough.

The trouble is there are billions of websites out there – so having a web presence is no longer enough. You need to be marketing your website – so you can get traffic – then use the website to turn that traffic from a visitor into a customer.

If your website has been set up correctly,, it should do the following:

  • Generate leads or drive customers in store to take action
  • Track how many people visit each month, get in touch or read your marketing material (so you know they are working).
  • Educate the customer to cut down on customer service time.
  • Act as your best sales person as they keep working 24/7 .
  • Appear when people search google for your goods and services so you can get in front of your target market and turn them into customers.


Do you have a pre-existing website that is getting traffic but not really doing anything?

Chances are it was set up to look pretty – and act like an online brochure rather than to sell your products and drive customers in store.

If you are investing in any sort of marketing that drives potential customers to a website that is not set up to sell… you are effectively putting your marketing budget into a wood chipper and sending your customers down the search result to your competitors.


Optimise for Conversions

While form is important when it comes to marketing function is more important. The question is will your website do what it takes to take a website visitor and turn them into a paying customer.

Every step of your website design, content and structure should work to funnel a visitor through your sales process and drive them in store to take action (and more importantly spend money).

Once that is done – (and only once that is done) THEN you can start to spend money on marketing and advertising. So you know if you put $1 into marketing you are going to get $4 out.

Make sure it’s mobile friendly:

I would like you to do something for me today. Go and sit down for a coffee or lunch at a local cafe and cast your eyes around the room at the other punters. How many of them are on their smartphones? What age brackets and genders are they?… Scary and amazing isn’t it – how addicted to technology we all are.

Over the last 3 years I have seen the amount of people researching goods and services to buy on my client’s websites from their smart phone increase from 5% to 75% in some categories.

That is 75% of everyone looking on the internet in their area doing it from a smart phone, while they are out and about. This is a HUGE opportunity for using the internet to drive foot traffic into your store.

Need a conversion optimised smart phone friendly website? We can help


How do I know if my website is working?


  • Check and see if your website is mobile friendly: You can do that here.
  • Look at google analytics and see what people are doing on your website.
  • Is it getting any traffic (leads).
  • Is your marketing working – when you send them to your website – is the end result a sale?


Need help with this?

We offer done for you marketing services for business owners who do not have a web team and are not marketing or analytics guru’s so need help with this stuff.

Got questions? Please tell me your name, your city and ask away. I will either answer them below or use them to create a detailed blog post if they need more explanation. I would love to connect as it lets me know I am not just writing to myself.



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