lucyglassesbrickHere at get more local customers we are a digital marketing agency that specialize in helping businesses like yours get more local customers.

“Online marketing is all about getting in front of the right audience, in the right place at the right time… We make sure your local customers can find you online!.”

How we can help you:

My Team and I strive to provide quality local online marketing services that get results. Unlike other agencies we make sure we build a lead generation system, rather than just checking rankings. And we measure everything to make sure  your online marketing strategy is making you money (rather than costing you money).

The best thing about online marketing it is much more targeted than traditional advertising options this means you can cherry pick the people you want to advertise to (rather than advertising to everyone reading the paper when only a small percentage of them may be interested in your goods and services.)

  • Newspaper – High readership but not all of them will be interested in your product and at $500 per go to be seen one day and be fish and chip wrap the next, this is a pricey way to reach a small audience.
  • Billboard, Radio & Television – High views but only a small percent of people driving down the street/ Listening to the radio / watching that show will be interested in your product. And at 2 – 10k per month you need to make sure its working.
  • Pay per click and Search Engine Traffic -highly targeted – You are only advertising to people actively seeking information about your goods and services.
  • Facebook Advertising – Target people based on their demographic, interests, age, job, income and even the products they buy.


My name is Lucy Ross I have been in the online marketing industry since 2002 and specialize in increasing sales using digital marketing to get more customers into your on or offline business. I have worked in some of New Zealand’s best marketing agencies and for big online brands including Interflora, 1791 Diamonds and more.

In Early 2012 we moved the office from Christchurch to Auckland but continue to work virtual with businesses from around New Zealand.

We understand not everyone has “the geek technique” and speaks in acronyms. We really enjoy helping local businesses utilize the power of the internet in their business marketing without the jargon.

Why work with us?

We work as part of your businesses marketing department towards your goals.

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